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Few pics from Dequin Tibetan Province

DSC_5795 DSC_5887 DSC_5233 DSC_5211

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Test drive the D40x






























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Got a Nikon D40X



Since I no longer have my Nikon D70, all the lens and all camera accessories except for the 70-400mm VR, I decided to get a Digital SLR. I thought about the D80 (which is the replacement model for D70), but I decided on a more lower line, the Nikon D40x. Even though it got more pixels, but it actually have a lot less features and controls than the D70, but at least it is much smaller and lighter than the D70, and I think I got all the features that I need. And one thing is for sure, a lighter camera means more likely I would want to carry it around. lol

However, the 70-400mm VR lens looks ridiculous on the D40X, the lens is over 7 lbs, and the D40x body is about 1 lb.  See pic.  I have to replace all kind the accessories for the camera now, new tripod, new filters, new remote, new lens, new bag… However, everything I am getting will be smaller and slimmer, so that I will be more motivated to carry the stuff around… :)

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Planning a trip to South American in December

I haven’t update the blog for a long time, although I have been traveling quite a bit. I am preparing a quite an adventurous trip in December to South America. Even though I have been to many places to Europe & Asia, but never really been to South America.
While obivously I won’t have enough time to hit everything, but these sites are the things I am interested in:
Flying into Lima:  
  • Machu Picchu,
  • Lake, Titicaca.
  • (not sure if I can survive four days in the wild camping & hiking) Inca trails.


  • Buenos Aires. (and maybe take a 1.5 hour ferry ride to see Uruguay :)
  • Iguazu National Park
  • (probably too far out of the way) the national glacier park with moving glaciers.


  • New Years in Rio or San Paulo.

Fly out of San Paulo, Brazil.

The biggest dillema is couple things:

1. Should I try to do the Inca Trails?  I heard it is quite difficult 4 day hike by foot. As much as I love travel, I never camped in the wild longer than that even in the US. Even though I would have to be part of a guided group, I don’t even speak spanish. Also the altitude is very high. I caught a cold earlier this year when I was visiting the MeiLi Mountain in Shangri-La, China, which had very high altitude. On the other hand, from what I read, it is an adventure of a lifetime…..

2. Do I have time to visit Chile? I heard there is a trian ride that is quite awesome experience, 36 hours from Santiago to Buenos Aires. Climbing high over the Andes mountains…

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Night Ski

I went night ski the day before yesterday. I like night ski a little better: since there is less people, I can go faster without worry too much about hitting other people; I do not have to wake up as early (I am not a morning person, wake up at 6:00 am isn’t my cup of tea); and it is a lot cheaper.
At night, with the slopes lit up, the scenary can be kinda pretty also.
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